Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Holiday Closure and Sale

Our holiday closure dates are as follows:

22 December 2009 - 6 January 2010

The closure is inclusive of those dates. We will re-open at 10am on 7 January 2010.

During the closure time, we will be holding a holiday sale, which will leave CDs ordinarily priced at £6.99 selling for £4.99, and MCDs ordinarily priced at £5.55 selling for £3.99.

We would like to wish you a happy Yule and to thank you for your custom during 2009. May our friends thrive with brutal strength, unconquerable health, and prodigious health, and our enemies suffer a million calamities, flogged endlessly by the whip of misfortune, until their bloodied backs are raw and their pathetic squeals fill the freezing night.