Thursday, 16 July 2009


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Friday, 3 July 2009

KRODA Attacked by "Anti-Fascist" Terrorist Thugs in Poland

According to a report published by The Pagan Front, the thugs demolished the car, destroyed the instruments, and seriously injured members of the band. Consequently, the band was forced to abort their mini-tour through Poland, Germany, and Austria.

Following this incident, the German Metal magazine Ablaze Verlag has issued the following statement:

To all Bands, Labels, Mailorders, Publishers and Concert

Once again within a few weeks, we have witnessed how Black Metal is being exploited for political purposes. That has to stop finally!

Due to this reason, we have published a proclamation ... that is primarily addressed at the Bands, Labels, Mailorders, Publishers and concert promoters, plus the entire Black Metal-scene in general. Show your public solidarity with our concern in this regard, please!

Some may wonder why we speak out against the so-called 'Antifa', and their activities in regard to Black Metal, first and foremost. Is it not that every political extremism has to be shunned altogether? Listen up, please! We don't care if one political ideology is 'better' than any other, be it 'left-wing' or 'right-wing' for that matter! We could not care less about such arguments.

We do care, however, when freedom of speech and of expression in Black Metal are at stake. Such danger is imminent, and it has one cause only: the 'Antifa', that is! Who else is terrorizing the scene with a campaign of threats, intimidation and violence against those who hold an opinion of their own? No one else but the 'Antifa' - but what do they have to do with Black Metal anyway?! They don't even listen to this music! They are only interested in enforcing their own political agenda, including the persecution of those who have different opinions. In this regard, the 'Antifa' is not different from any other group who subscribes to a totalitarian ideology. But no other group is pushing their politics on our scene like the 'Antifa' does. They have declared an outright culture struggle (Kulturkampf) on our scene, in order to decide upon the future definition of Black Metal. To this end, the freedom of speech and of expression
shall be abolished. We denounce this outrage, and we do so publicly!

Defend the freedom of speech and of expression in Black Metal!

The editors of Ablaze

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Thursday, 2 July 2009

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