Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The Czech Inquisition

It seems the liberal oligarchy is prepared to tolerate Black Metal so long as it is Satanic, nihilistic, or suicidal, but the moment it is predicated on hierarchical, elitist, organic, völkisch values, the liberal oligarchs and the terrorist thugs they fund with tax-payers' money move to stigmatise it and shut it down. The article below, reporting on an allegedly "NSBM" gig (with AD HOMINEM, INFERNO, and SEKHMET), appeared in the Czech press: note how they are frustrated by the fact that neither the bands nor the audience broke the law; instead, they follow the Soviet discursive style and pile on negative, value-laden, and essentially meaningless adjectivation ("extremist", "neo-Nazi", "anti-Semitic", etc.), in an effort to scare people off this form of music.

Ideally, the liberal oligarchs would like to ban these concerts and prevent people front listening to the music that they like, simply because they don't think anybody should be allowed to disagree or criticise their unnatural, anti-elitist, anti-European values.

V Žatci se uskutečnilo několik podivných koncertů

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