Thursday, 21 January 2010

Here We Go Again...

Yes, once again, a Black Metal gig has been cancelled due to pressure by simian terror groups. It seems Temnozor was due to play live in Holand earlier this month, but a troop of smelly, politically correct chimpanzees noticed and decided to rattle the cage (see here)

Huldrefolk, who were supposed be in the line-up, issued one of those tedious "we are not Nazis!!!" (...zzz...) statements (see here).

Little good did it do them: the venue lost heart and the gig was cancelled anyway.

Lesson: even if true, a Black Metal band should never issue a statement denying they are Nazis. It always looks stupid, it never works, and, most importantly, it indicates they are on the defensive, playing by rules set by the opposition.

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