Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Due to commitments elsewhere, we have neglected our blog for quite sometime. In all honesty, we have not ever been very good at maintaining them, perhaps because there is always a great deal to do and a blog, if it is to be kept interesting, needs a sustained investment of time and effort. Another problem is, perhaps, the fact that lack of time has meant not having prioritised thinking through the various options, conceptually speaking, to arrive at a sustainable and effective formula.

At any rate, we have now decided to put a remedy to that and will begin posting here once more. Keep your eyes open for updates on our activities, new arrivals, comments, and more.


  1. I thought you kept a good flow of material when you had the Livejournal page. In any case, glad to hear there will be more content in the future.

  2. I figured it was just because no-one read it...

  3. Actually, the webstats should that people do check it regularly. Hence the decision to divert time and effort to it.